How to Clean Leather Bags

How to Clean Leather Bags

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   Leather bags are very common, there are many styles of leather bags. Additionally, in terms of color and origin, there are differences as well. So how do you clean leather bags? For most leather bags, you can use water as the primarily cleaning agent. However, you also need to consider each bag individually, not all bags are suitable to be cleaned with water.

So how do you clean leather bags? There are a few efficient methods. Before cleaning, it is necessary to understand these different methods. So this is how you clean leather bags:

★Oil Stain
  You can use dishwashing liquid to brush the area with the stain. If the material is not black, red, or any other dark color, you can use laundry detergent powder to lightly brush the area. If the material is white, then you can use bleach (with a 1:10 ratio) and brush the stain with a toothbrush, and the stain will disappear. And then you can use a collar cleaner and warm water solution to clean furry areas. When laying out the bag to dry, be sure to lay it out with the furry side on top. If it is a rainy or cloudy day, it would be best to use a blow-dryer.
When you clean the furry areas again, use a soap and warm water solution or a dishwashing liquid and warm water solution.

★Ballpoint Pen Mark
  On colored matters with ballpoint pen marks, you can use 95% rubbing alcohol to remove the stain. But first apply some raw egg-whites to the area (do not add water) to the area and let it sit for 5 minutes first before using the rubbing alcohol.

★Fading Color
  Soak in highly concentrated saltwater for 1 minute. Then change out the saltwater for pure water and use soap and a soft brush to brush evenly.

  Soak in 40 degree Celsius soap water for 10 minutes. Then proceed with normal cleaning methods. For white materials, you can leave the bag in the sun for 10 minutes after soaking and then proceed with normal cleaning methods.

★Color Transfer
  If the leather has color transfer for blue denim, you can apply soak to the area of transfer, and then use a soft wetted brush to gently brush the area following the natural texture of the leather. Repeat until the transfer color fades. Be sure to allow a decent amount of soap bubbles build up, this will allow the transferred color to fade quicker. This method works for a majority of transfer marks. Do not use a hard or brittle brush because doing so may ruin the leather. Pretreat the area by brushing a solution of raw egg whites and a half cup of boiled water before proceeding with the cleaning.

  By using the methods discussed above, and with a good understanding of leather bags, you can clean your leather bag if you need to. Please keep in mind to not use too much pressure when cleaning so as to avoid damaging the material and leaving marks.

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